Neue Sirene
Single copy: EUR 12 . Double issue: EUR 24
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Wegweisende Literatur der Gegenwart

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Neue Sirene


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Formats: 8 1/4 inches (high) x 5 1/2 inches (wide). Copy area: 6 5/16 inches (high) x 4 inches (wide).

1 Page (height 6 5/16 inches, width 4 inches): EUR 357.90
1 Page oversize format (height 8 1/4 inches, width 5 1/8 inches): EUR 398.81
1/2 Page vertical (height 6 5/16 inches, width 2 inches): EUR 178.95
1/2 Page vertical oversize (height 8 1/4 inches, width 2 3/8 inches): EUR 199.40
1/2 Page horizontal (height 3 1/4 inches, width 4 inches): EUR 178.95
1/2 Page horizontal oversize (height 4 inches, width 5 1/8 inches): EUR 199.40
Back cover inside (height 6 5/16 inches, width 4 inches): EUR 613.55
Back cover inside oversize (height 8 1/4 inches, width 5 1/8 inches): EUR 669.79
Inlay: EUR 332.34
Published biannually.
Circulation: 1000, sixmonthly.
Each volume contains about 110 pages.

Special rates are offered for repeated advertizing. Please contact us .
Advertisments should be delivered as a Postscript file (pdf, ps, eps, or also as tif). There will be an additional charge if material needs to be transformed into a postscript format.
Published biannually, Neue Sirene is released each spring and fall.
Deadline for advertisments submitted for Volume 31 is June 20, 2017.

Website advertisments are also available at a special rate. For information and booking contact us .

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